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Network design - How our chief Engineer takes a big picture view - Build from a strong foundation

Updated: Jan 23, 2021

As a Network Architect and Chief Engineer for The Promised Lan I am responsible for multiple customer networks along with the architecture, design and security of those networks from initial concept through to implementation and ongoing support. I work with customers, third parties and industry leaders to ensure and help customers achieve their network and IT objectives in support of their business needs. Each business is unique and rarely does the one size fit all approach work or offer the best outcomes, to this end I adopt a flexible approach to customers business needs. This flexibility allows for best of breed network design, allowing the customer to reap the benefits of industry leading vendors and technologies whilst adhering to network industry standard best practices. A balance must always be reached between costs, objectives and security and this will be different with each customer.

As the Chief Engineer for TPL, I continually strive to ensure that their network is secure and working at its peak for their business, proactively seeking out potential issues whilst working with them to ensure that the network is ready both now and able to support the businesses growth ambitions.

I have a passion for network design and enjoy this side of my job immensely. I believe a key principe for any network and business is to start from a strong foundation, get the foundation of the network right and it can continue to support and adapt as the business grows and industry landscapes change.

I am comfortable working with network, security and wireless technologies from all vendors in the technology space and enjoy the flexibility this gives me.

I also act as a senior technical escalation point for in house support teams and enjoy working with junior support staff to increase there understanding of network technologies.

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